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We at SHIELD represent a unique idea. We are a team of multi-disciplinary, highly committed risk management professionals that brings quality risk management services to the market through independent consultancy and training. Our vision embraces five core values centered around People, Talent and Hard Work, Ideas, Ethics and Standards.


We value our business partners, members of staff, affiliates, associates and particularly our clients, at whose service we are and on behalf of whom we desire to offer our expertise in prevention, protection, preservation and risk management.


It is SHIELD’s philosophy that organizational success is founded on the empowerment of people. We believe that when people’s talents are spotted and appreciated, their value to an organization comes to the fore and their consistent contribution towards success invariably bears the desired fruit. We believe that talent and hard work form the basis of all achievement.


Business risk constantly evolves; to stand still in operational risk management is to invite reversals. As facilitators of the operational risk management process, SHIELD place significant value on creative thought, particularly from within organizations themselves. Operational risk management demands context-specific solutions, and the combination of our expertise and know-how with our clients’ own ideas and views produces cost-effective, sustainable solutions.


The flip-side to talent and hard work, Talent without application is wasted. We believe our role is to assist organizations in preventing loss, protecting their primary assets, preserving conditions that guarantee success and managing residual risk. We help businesses achieve these objectives through persistence, integrity, commitment and in complete confidentiality.


It may be relatively easy to reach a target performance level in the short term. It is certainly more difficult to maintain and sustain performance. At SHIELD we do not simply set the standard, but constantly seek to keep it at a level that fosters client confidence and promotes our standing within the industry.

SHIELD is an ISO 9001/2008 certified company.



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SHIELD provides services by skilled and experienced Consultants in various areas of Risk Management.


We at SHIELD are experts in the field of Operational risk management in Malta. We can offer a comprehensive range of training courses as well as a number of scalable options, focused purely on addressing our clients’ needs through training, conditioning, preparedness and resilience.

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STORM is our unique suite of tools for operational risk management

We at SHIELD view risk management as a value-adding management activity that greatly enhances business performance. Years of operational practise with a large variety of clients in the fields of security, health and safety, project management and business continuity management have taught us many valuable lessons about risk and its management.

Perhaps the most important message we have learnt is that risk can only be managed through a combination of reliable common sense coupled with sound judgment. The processes of hazard and threat identification, risk analysis and control should not be unnecessarily complicated or confusing. No amount of theory replaces common sense and no risk management method in itself will actually stop an undesirable event from happening.

Risk management tools are a means to an end and for us at SHIELD the end is sustainable, business friendly and cost-effective operational risk management. This conviction is central to our design philosophy on STORM.

With STORM, we bring you a suite of easy-to-use, well designed tools which will enhance your risk management experience, as a professional, as well as support the business through unique benefits. Combining field experience and in-depth understanding of risk management theory and methodologies, STORM allows professional practitioners to perform risk management activities in various fields, to the benefit of business.

In this respect, STORM is unique and we want your experience with it to be equally rewarding.

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SHIELD Teambuilding is designed to engage and help co-workers and friends experience the power of teamwork. SHIELD will help you work together to reach your goals, trust each other and communicate effectively. But will you or your team members be up for the Challenge?

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San Giacomo Trip

Recently, SHIELD Managing Director John Schembri enjoyed a short break from business responsibilities , with his wife Nadia, in the idyllic setting of San Giacomo, province of Ragusa, Sicily. Taking a few days off to re-charge their energies, the spectacularly natural facilities at Barbuto Farm provided ample opportunity for sun, clean air, healthy food, long walks and leisurely visits to splendid baroque towns and medieval hamlets.

Hosted by the characterful Jean Mifsud (Mr. Barbuto) and his lovely wife Cynthia, Nadia and John could enjoy the marvels of organic farming in a quite unique backdrop of rolling hills, virgin farmland and cattle and horses freely grazing.

The meticulous application of quality processes into the art of organic farming is truly and singularly the wondrous achievement of Mister and Madam Barbuto and a monumental testament to the couple’s vision, passion, perseverance and dogged belief in their dream.

Their produce, planned, overseen and duly managed by Jean down to the minutest of details, is of remarkable excellence and the quality of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and dairies made each and every meal a memorable experience and a culinary delight. The lovely Cynthia is the most charming and affable of hostesses and her attention to detail and touch of rural magic dust made our stay even more pleasurable.

It was truly a remarkable and unforgettable experience spending some time at Barbuto Farm and particularly satisfying to see dedicated professionals apply themselves to the pursuit of excellence, driven by passion. A value which we at SHIELD ourselves espouse.

Thank you Jean and Cynthia, and we both wish you all the very best of good fortune that your dedication and professionalism deserve. You will be seeing us again.

Optimising Performance Through Risk Management

On the 11th April 2017, SHIELD Consultants, in collaboration with Mr. Joachim Adenusi, organized an Operational Risk Management event which was very well received and the turnout extremely encouraging. Mr. Adenusi and SHIELD are collaborating in Europe and Africa and, together, will be running similar events in Malta as well as London and other cities regularly. SHIELD very much looks forward to our clients’ participation in the future. Operational risk management is very much the emergent contemporary management discipline and we at SHIELD want to lead and influence the debate from the very front, to the benefit of our clients.

A copy of Mr. Adenusi’s presentation can be found here, together with a brief presentation on the key points discussed here. Should you require to discuss any aspect of risk management in greater detail, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on any of the following aspects:

1. Board Risk advisory;

2. Risk Registers;

3. ORM structure, coaching, mentoring and support;

4. In-house training to ORM designates or Teams.

SHIELD at Malta Cybercrime Conference 2017

SHIELD is proudly sponsoring and attending the Malta IT Law Association - MITLA and Isaca Malta Chapter Cybercrime vs Cybersecurity Conference 2017 which will be held on 28th March at Radisson Blu St. Julian's.

SHIELD Can help with Information Security Awareness through Consultancy, Training and Layer 8 Toolkits - tackling the human factor to information security

Layer 8 Toolkit®

Organisations with a positive security attitude are 10 times less likely to suffer a data breach. Creating the security culture you need to reduce risk and gain competitive advantage means getting every employee on your side. Current compliance-only security training fails to change behaviour and security breaches still happen at an alarming rate.

Layer 8 Toolkit® EXPLORE

Layer 8’s free subscription, EXPLORE, allows you to get a feel for the materials Layer 8 can provide, and establishes whether conversation really does change culture! Your free subscription gives you Doos on a few key areas of compliance.

Layer 8 Toolkit® INITIATE

Layer 8’s INITIATE subscription is ideal for small teams, or those wishing to supplement an existing security awareness programme. The INITIATE subscription gives you Daily Doos covering all areas of compliance.

Layer 8 Toolkit® ENGAGE

Layer 8’s ENGAGE subscription is ideal if you are proactively seeking to communicate regularly with employees. Each monthly edition discusses a new topic, keeping content refreshed and up to date.

Layer 8 Toolkit® PARTICIPATE

Layer 8’s PARTICIPATE subscription is ideal if you are seeking to raise employee awareness, improve behaviours, and develop a proactive culture with a network of security advocates across the organisation. You and your advocates will also be given access to the Management, Information and Leadership area.

SHIELD Managing Director, John Schembri will be attending the Port Security & Surveillance Summit 2017 in Singapore, as an Expert Speaker. Follow us on facebook, to keep updated on this event..

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SHIELD Managing Director - Exclusive interview with Malta Business Review

“SHIELD embraces and harnesses technology in a very unique manner. We are at the forefront of managing operational risk in near-enough real time through our own specialist software solution, STORM.

That combination of talent, ethics, high standards, hard work and innovation is a magical brew, which is well worth nurturing.”

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SHIELD Chairman - Exclusive interview with Malta Business Review

“SHIELD prides itself in setting the benchmark for standards within the areas of business it operates in.

Besides the obvious challenges facing any growing and expanding company, a major challenge we will be facing is sourcing, recruiting and retaining the professionals required by a company operating in such a specialist area.

From a local perspective SHIELD, I believe, will retain and consolidate its position as a market leader and be synonymous with Operational Risk Management.”

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Opportunities in Security Risk Management

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Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

Best CSR Entrepreneur of the Year - John Schembri
Best Male Entrepreneur of the Year - John Schembri
Malta's Entrepreneur of the Year, 2016 - John Schembri
SHIELD Consultants Ltd ........ Leading the way in Operational Risk Management.

SHIELD Managing Director - Nominated for the
Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award

“Hailing from a military background as a foundation for my outlook towards risk management consultancy, in 2004 I made a conscious transition into business as a second career after eighteen years of military service, by founding SHIELD CONSULTANTS LTD. Under my guidance and technical orientation SHIELD has grown into a market leader in the field of operational risk management, comprising five pillar disciplines: security risk management; business continuity; emergency planning and crisis management; fire risk and HSE.”

To read the full article click here

To read the full article click here

SHIELD General Manager - Exclusive interview with Malta Business Review

“SHIELD was built on the following core values – people, standards, ideas, ethic, talent and hard work”

“SHIELD’s main driving force is its team of highly qualified and experienced individuals. Thanks to our consultants, all subject matter experts in their respective field, and the enhanced capability derived by STORM, SHIELD is now able to service a diverse range of markets sectors, each with its own risk management needs.”

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